CGA Consulting

Feedback and Complaints

What to do if you have a dispute or complaint?

We hope you are delighted with our services, but if you have a complaint please let us know so we can work towards resolving it promptly and fairly.

Making a complaint to us is free.

You can make a complaint verbally or in writing by contacting you broker directly or by using any of the following.

External Dispute Resolution Scheme.

If we do not reach an agreement on your complaint, you may refer the complaint to an ASIC Approved External Dispute Resolution (EDR) Scheme.

Out External dispute resoltuion provider is the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA).

You can contact the AFCA using and of the following:

External dispute resolution is a free service established to prove you with an indepedant mechanism to resolve specific complaints. You may refer the matter to AFCA at any timem but if our internal process is still in progress, they may request that our internal process be completed before considering the matter further.

You can obtain further details about our dispute resolution procederes and obtain details of our privacy policy on request.